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Not only will your screen size increase when you make the switch but you can consolidate all your streaming subscriptions in one place, too. Keep reading to discover the best TV streaming device for you. Low-profile and easy to use, a streaming stick is the simplest way to watch TV on a TV again. Streaming sticks usually offer apps for light gaming, as well. If all you care about is breaking free from your computer crouch, get a streaming stick. Streaming sticks are also perfect for the frequent traveler or someone who just wants to save space in the living room.

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Hot Topics: If you haven't already joined the streaming revolution, it's a great time to get started. Not only is there more content than ever online, but the latest streaming players make it easier than ever to find what you want to watch and play it on the big screen. Here are the best ways to watch. There's a good chance you already have a streaming media player at home, even if you aren't using it.

If you don't want to spend a dime to start streaming, here are some gadgets to check:. You can expect to get basic streaming abilities from any of these services: You'll often find a few premium channels, too, like HBO or Showtime. Does your gadget have the channels you want to watch? Then you're good to go! Working with the tech you have is the easiest and cheapest way of getting Netflix in your living room, but it's not usually the best way.

Though these gadgets work as streaming media players, none of them were designed specifically for it. Their interfaces can be clunky, and the manufacturer may not be interested in updating them as new streaming services emerge. If you upgrade to a standalone streaming media player, you can expect a better interface, more user-friendly search options and access to more streaming services.

If you often find yourself on the sofa watching Netflix, it's worth spending a little extra on a dedicated streaming media player for the best viewing experience. Roku's streaming media players are our hands-down favorites. If you want the most content, you want Roku. You'll find more content options here than on any other streaming device — you have access to thousands of channels, including practically every major streaming service and cable network.

You can check their channel guide for a full list, where you should expect to find anything you might want to watch. We think Roku's interface is one of the easiest to use. It's a feature you'll find in most streaming media players, but it particularly shines on Roku because of its vast library of content. And because no one wants to type out searches using a remote control, Roku has its own voice controls. You can search using the Roku mobile app or Roku voice remote which is included with some Roku models.

With just the tap of a button, you can ask for specific movies, actors, directors, genres or channels, or play, pause and rewind what you're watching. However, these commands only work via Roku itself or Google Assistant — you can't control it with Alexa or Siri. It's still a great player, but it may not integrate perfectly with your smart home.

For HD streaming: If you don't have a 4K television, the Roku Express offers everything you need to stream in p resolution. It comes with a basic remote, but no other extras. It's a good option if you want to move your Roku from place to place and it comes with a voice remote. For older TVs: Like the Express, this model comes with a basic remote and no other extras — but it's one of the only ways to add streaming to older TVs.

For 4K streaming: An advanced wireless router also gives it better wireless performance than other Roku models, which is great if your television is some distance from your home wireless router. For private listening: That can be particularly handy for families, letting one person watch TV without disturbing a sleeping spouse or child.

But despite the expense, it's a good option for Apple users because it's the only streaming device that can play iTunes. It starts with the Apple TV App. Instead of splitting your shows across dozens of different channels or apps, the app pulls all of your streaming content together in a single place. It will list shows you've recently watched and suggest content you might enjoy, regardless of which service they're on. It's particularly handy when different seasons or episodes are available on different streaming services — you can see them all in the same place with the TV app.

And if you install the TV app on all of your devices, you can pick up shows where you left off from anywhere. Siri powers Apple TV's universal search, so you can ask for shows and movies by name, actor, genre, date or a combination and it will bring up results from different streaming services, making it simple to find whatever you want to watch. Still, the voice commands will be familiar to Apple users. Your iPhone can work as a remote without any additional software, and whenever your Apple TV brings up the keyboard, your iPhone will ask if you'd like to type on it, instead, which is great for entering passwords.

Games work particularly well on Apple TV, which has a touchpad remote can serve neatly as a game controller. It won't replace an actual game console but does let you get some great games and apps on your TV screen. It has 32GB of storage space for your apps, which should be plenty. If this is too pricey for you, you can sometimes find discounts on refurbished models , which come with the same one-year warranty as new models.

However, as with most Apple products, don't expect to find them on sale for significantly less than the list price. And if you have more to spend, Amazon has some unique offerings in the Fire TV Cube, which adds voice controls to your entire home entertainment center, and Fire TV Recast, which records live TV so you can stream it later — both features you won't find on any other streaming media player.

Like the other devices we've listed, Alexa on Fire TV has a universal search that will find content no matter where it is with just a simple voice command. Everything shows up in a single, simple interface, with no need to jump from app to app. In fact, unless you pay attention, you probably won't even realize you're browsing different streaming services.

That's as simple as it gets. But Amazon doesn't just let you watch content, it provides content, and the Fire TV experience will be better for Amazon Prime subscribers. That can be tremendously helpful when it comes to managing your subscriptions: Content for kids is certainly available elsewhere, but FreeTime puts it all in one convenient place, something you won't find on competing products.

This economical player offers 4K HDR quality, voice controls, and a great selection of content at a very budget-friendly price. F or streaming and home voice control: It's essentially a Fire TV with speakers and microphones that allow you to use voice commands — for the Cube or your other connected devices — without a remote. If you don't already have an Echo smart speaker, this could be the perfect player. For recording live TV: The Recast isn't actually a streaming media player, but an accessory for your streaming media player that records live broadcast television using an HD antenna, and saves it for you to stream to your Fire TV later.

If you want to keep track of live TV without a cable subscription, this is a very easy way to do it. The Chromecast is an oddity amongst streaming media players. If you're looking for a traditional menu interface, this isn't it. You'll have to sort through your apps and find content on your own, without the unified interface and universal search other players offer.

But despite its inconveniences, it offers a lot of flexibility to put anything on your television screen. Chromecast also supports Google Assistant, so you can control it — as well as the rest of your smartphone — with your phone or a Google Home smart speaker. That has a lot of appeal for anyone with a Google Home setup, but Roku also supports Google Home, so you can pick up similar smartphone features with a Roku player as well.

But in the end, the Chromecast is a little pricier and its interface is a little less intuitive than competing Roku and Fire TV models, which makes it hard to recommend. While Chromecast devices definitely have their place in a high-tech household, they're not our top recommendation for people who simply want a streaming media player. Part of your decision is going to be based on whether you use voice controls in your home.

If you want a familiar set of voice controls, pick the system that matches what you already use. The best player for most people: With a low price, 4K HDR support, universal search and a unified interface for all streaming content, the Fire TV is easy to afford and easy to use. The player with the most content: The downside is limited smart home integration. The best player for Apple users: Great listing of streaming devices. Utterly missed the most important point: I have a Vizio smart tv.

Computers, phones work fine with it. Netflix usually works well too. But HuluPlus, Amazon and other streaming channels I get on Roku or just on my smart tv alone take forever to load, stop and restart all thru the movie. I have checked with my internet provider and my speed is more than enough to support streaming anything. Any ideas? It is driving me nuts to pay for these services and cannot use them! I am not techi but would like to get netflix but in looking at what I would need, it looks really expensive and complicated.

I do not have wi-fi so I assume that this will cost a fortune. I have comcast cable and a cable wired computer. Damn shame. Speed of your internet connection could matter, but Comcast probably offers options. That works great if your Ethernet connection is close to your BluRay player. From Josh Kirschner on December 27, You can use the power lines in your house to extend your network to other floors without running wires.

What would I get if I hardwire-link my phone to the ethernet input of a blueray player? From Josh Kirschner on September 01,

The YouTube channel for Roku is available in the Roku Channel Store. It's very easy to get; you will need a working Wi-Fi connection for this. How do I cast apps like YouTube or Netflix from my phone to my TV? You must also make sure to connect your phone or tablet to the same.

Kaushal August 29, How To. To do so just simply launch your YouTube or Netflix app on your smartphone and tap on the cast icon. It should automatically discover Roku on the same network and start casting that video. Easy peasy. It also works, if you want to cast YouTube from your computer onto Roku.

It requires a high speed internet connection, and it's basically a convenient replacement for cable television for people who are looking to cut the cord. The single YouTube TV subscription option comes with a selection of major network and basic cable channels, and then you can pay extra for additional channels on an a la carte basis.

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Join , subscribers and get a daily digest of news, geek trivia, and our feature articles. Roku has long supported Google services like YouTube and Play Movies, but a recent update took it one step further: Your Roku will need to be running Roku OS 8. Start by turning on your Roku smart TV, streaming stick, or streaming box. Now that your Roku is on the latest software, you can set it up in the Google Home app.

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For the better part of a decade, Amazon has put work into building an ecosystem of devices that is designed to work together as cohesively as possible. Your entire Kindle eBook library syncs with the Kindle apps on both your PC and your smartphone, the movie you start watching on your laptop through Amazon Instant Video picks back up with the app on your smart TV, and the apps you install on one device can appear on every single Fire-branded device in your library. If you happen to use Roku devices to watch Netflix, YouTube, and other entertainment apps on your television, you can use your Fire tablet to stream some of your favorite content to your device. Some applications work directly with Roku right out of the gate, while other services require some more work or patience to correctly work with your Roku device. And unfortunately, some applications and services will never work at all with Roku. Not every app on your Fire tablet works properly with your Roku; such is the case when it comes to using a tablet not originally designed for your set-top box. That said, there are some applications that work well with Roku, and that makes sense. Amazon stops its viewers from doing so, requiring a Prime account to be signed into both accounts when going to stream video. The one big application that works with your Roku from your Fire tablet is Netflix.

Of the plus channels Roku has to offer, there's one big guy missing from the pack:

Hot Topics: If you haven't already joined the streaming revolution, it's a great time to get started.

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The Insider Picks team writes about stuff we think you'll like. Business Insider has affiliate partnerships, so we get a share of the revenue from your purchase. The world is changing. Gone are the days when a cable subscription was necessary to watch all the latest and greatest TV shows. Of course, the best way to take advantage of services like Netflix is by streaming shows straight to your TV. There are plenty of streaming devices out there to help you connect the latest and greatest video streaming services to your TV, and they're not all created equal. Before buying, you'll want to consider a few different things. For starters, you'll want to think about whether you want a fully-fledged streaming box, which comes complete with its own operating system and allows you to download and install apps. The alternative is a device like the Google Chromecast, which basically streams content from your phone or computer. With a streaming stick, instead of installing Netflix on your TV-connected device, you'll install it on your phone or computer and then stream from your phone to the streaming stick, which is plugged into your TV's HDMI port.

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Having it on your Roku will let you watch YouTube videos through Roku's streaming service. To create this article, volunteer authors worked to edit and improve it over time. This article has also been viewed 54, times. Roku YouTube. Learn more.

How To Cast Your Amazon Fire Tablet to your Roku Device

Whether you're a cord cutter or not, you probably want a streaming device for your TV, and Roku is a popular choice. In the fourth quarter of , the number of active Roku accounts topped 27 million, a 40 percent year-over-year jump. Those users streamed 7. Part of that popularity may lie in the variety of Roku devices. Whether you've nabbed a new model or have had the same one for years, there's more to know beyond the basics of a Marvel marathon. We've put together 26 ways for you to get more out of your streaming device.

A streaming device is practically a must-have if you want to keep up with the hottest entertainment out there. Here are some of our unique benefits:. There is a reason it is the most popular streaming device in the US market. Not only did Roku pioneer streaming for the TV, but it also has one of the best feature-to-price ratios among streaming devices in the market. What makes us completely unique is that we have invested heavily in ensuring the best speed and quality of content gets sent to your TV screen. We have local servers strategically placed all over the continent for high-performance content delivery. You can rest assured that you are getting a world-class streaming experience every time.

Are you looking for a way to enjoy karaoke in the convenience of your own home with family and friends? We all know that YouTube is the number one source for videos online. Of course you can use YouTube directly and sing along with it without any additional equipment. Just play the songs from YouTube on your device and sing along. This maybe the same set of speakers used by your mic or another set of speakers. There are more simple ways of doing karaoke without the need for microphones and TVs such as the use of Apps in your mobile devices or computers. This would depend on how you would want to your karaoke home system to be.

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