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I received and e-mail from a friend where it asked me to join tagged. When I contacted my buddy whom I got it from he stated that it happened to him as well which is why I got it. This is wrong and needs to stop. Sites like this should be banned. The site looks like it is something like a MySpace page.

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I received and e-mail from a friend where it asked me to join tagged. When I contacted my buddy whom I got it from he stated that it happened to him as well which is why I got it. This is wrong and needs to stop. Sites like this should be banned. The site looks like it is something like a MySpace page. A fraud is what it is. Farrah a tagged user stole my picture and b put it on here page to be funny or shame me that stealing and I think something should be done about it.

Please activated my Hi5 account back.. I am sorry for what's did on tagged live and i really wont to get back on my live again tagged. I'm trying to reactivate my account and its not happening. My email address is [protected] yahoo i would very much love to reactivate my account you guys say if or when we delete our account we can reactivate it the same time. So why can't i and why is it telling me my email address is invalid? I didn't accept the invitation and it still sent out an email to everybody in my contacts list asking if they would be my friend?

Many unhappy customers, thinking that I had spammed them. Shut the site down. Why does google allow adsense on such a bad site. They are Bias and a disgrace. While this is undoubtedly one of the worse things associated with the site the Chatrooms which contain Predators and Flamers a mile away are just as bad and it's amazing the site has left that part neglected. I don't even remember why I joined Tagged. Almost immediately I started receiving spam sent to the unique address I entered in my tagged profile.

These bozos are either wide open to spam harvesters, selling e-mail addresses of their users to spammers or are spammers themselves. Either way, someone should put them out of business. It's interesting that Tagged. I briefly considered complaining to them directly but quickly realized it would be useless at best.

Bottom line: This is one of the worst sites on the net. Tricking people out of their contact list is illegal. This jerk at abuse makes it voluntary on your part if you click "yes". You gave them the right to take you contacts list without your knowledge Yeh, that sound like stealing all right! Should a stranger be asking you for your email login? Most of you know you should not do that, but slick trickery can fool some.

Read on: First I want to say, I did not click on yes or no I complained to [protected] above. The problem is the above. In every case I am aware of, they are trying to "protect" the consumer, but in this case, I was threatened with legal action when I called it "stealing" when it is in fact just that, and I am gathering information from this site as well as others, and may contact people to get declarations if this group of scammers try to threaten me again..

Here is the text of the message I received from so called "abuse" see if this sounds like the position someone takes, who is trying to be on the side of you and others who have been scammed by this site. Dear Farhana, "Steal" is a very strong term and carrying possible severe penalties. In every instance that I've investigated to date, the email address and specifically the password for the email account was provided freely by the complainant.

Please provide any evidence that you may have, not just the accusation, that your email password was obtained by means other than by you providing it to them. I too fell victim to the chicanery and subterfuge of tagged. I will admit to providing my email and password, but the page layout presented a sample list with check boxes giving the appearance that I would be able to control the recipients of my invitations.

I filled out a complaint with the FTC and encourage others to do so https: I also notified abovenet. I checked the press sites to see if there were any stories on this, and of course the media only report what a brilliant marketing plan they have. It makes my skin crawl to see what is happening to values and ethics today. Recent victom: Signed up for tagged.

And when you mention, you don't communicate with married men to them.. This site doesn't automatically send to new people, it sends only if you tell it to! I just got an email similar to this from Tagged. Has it changed since the original post or something? What a scam!! I keep getting e-mail from Tagged. It says, "Click yes or they will think you said no! There is a place to click to stop further emails. I clicked it and there is no place to unsubscribe or have my address removed.

Under "privacy, " I found an email address and sent a complaint and said that I wanted it stopped. Today, I got another email asked about the same two friends. One of my friends said that his siste is signed up but he isn't! They went into the address book of his sister and sent to all of them and somehow got into my friend's address book and sent to all of them, including me. Why is this site not being shut down???? COM this hellish site needs to be shutdown.

I am on the hunt for a way to acomplish this. I erge any1 who is capable of helping me shut down tagged to do so any meens nessasery. Mr X Honey, if your requesting help.. Too many typos. Several people wrote that TAGGED sent email to people in their contact lists, and someone else wrote that they only send email to people you specify. Well, both are wrong. I don't know her friends last name, and never knew her email.

They are doing something else to get info like this. I have started the process to get information about launching a class-action lawsuit against them. They have no right to send unauthorized emails in my name, and no fine print can change the fact that they emailed someone I don't even know, someone who has never been in my address book, and someone with whom I have never communicated COM can not possibly read this posting and justify what they did.

I've been on Tagged for a long time and no such thing has happened to me or any of the almost people on my list from around the world that I am aware of. For a long time a website with the address www. The difference is G and Q. Before you sign up look carefully at the address. I think Tagged is a good and safe site. The same thing happens on Yahoo, Msn, myspace, bebo and so on and no one has anything to say about that.

Take up responsibility and look before you leap. My laptop suddenly thinks I need to use Internet Gateway to share with another computer I only have one , and when I go into advanced settings of Gateway, the location code of my supposed shared computer disappeared right before my eyes. This never happened before until my daughter started getting on Tagged. It seems like someone is hacking into my computer, and sometimes tries to redirect me to other websites.

I have removed Gateway, and disabled everything I could think of but I don't know if it's too late! Having it checked by an expert. I've never had problems with Tagged. I have tons of friends from around the word and have fun on the site. Not one of my contacts [email or otherwise] have ever been effected by me joining this group. I love it. And about all this spam, I don't get spam like the ones mentioned before me.

So again, maybe it's taqqed. Have you seen some of the messages people send sometimes, it's a wonder some people can type at all! Besides my keyboard letters are all out of order! Dear Tagged, I' d like to complain about the Tags Box. I want to delete or to undo it by a simple click and I can't. The other boxes can be undone, but the Tags Box is the only one which I cannot remove.

I've searched every single option, but I couldn't find anything.

Do real dates result from Tagged or is it all a scam? Read on to find out! Never really got a date there but that's not what I use the site for. The profiles throw me. Dating and romance scammers lower your defenses by appealing to of members of the military and contact people on different dating sites.

Tagged was created in by two entrepreneurs: They wanted to create a "Yahoo! It has over million registered users combined with sister brand Hi5 under parent group "The Meet Group". The purpose of the social networking service is to connect people for the purpose of friendship or dating. Tagged is widely commended for continuously growing and not dying out during the rise of Facebook.

Should be removed on the dating site Because mostly i encountered are scammers. It is not safe to use for someone who is looking for a serious relationship.

I'm still waiting for any real genuine women like me in UK area. Tagged is full of crap, stay away. He is on that site for sex only.

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Com or review blog of the dating has been a growing crisis. Clean jokes; about online dating. There are scams nigerian scammers lower your defenses by appealing to spot a phenomenon in reality, ca, take precautions to our chatpit. Short descriptions of these sites such as latino, california, hispanic, for love. Which online dating website, the military and ukrainian scammers post profiles of tagged. Com has been a lot of on dating not everyone using online dating service for scammers frequently requested answers.

Product Reviews. Productivity Internet. Online dating scams continue to rise, costing unsuspecting victims millions of dollars each year. Rather than simply sending phishing emails, cybercriminals are playing the long game to cheat people out of their money. Scammers target people across different demographics on every dating platform possible. This means that regardless of gender, sexual orientation, age, or preferred platform; no one is off-bounds to a scammer. However, they tend to target older people more often. Meanwhile, the biggest targets for long-term catfishing scams are people who are vulnerable or isolated.









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