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12 Types Of Guys Girls Hook Up With While Traveling

Last summer I backpacked across Europe with my best friend. This trip took my game to another level. Towards the end of it, I started to really learn a system and how to take advantage of my current situation as a backpacker. This post outlines the aspects of that system as I had it by the end of that trip, and should enable you to have a much easier time to get girls while backpacking too. There is no place better to meet girls who are primed to have adventures than a hostel. But you have to pick the right kind of hostel in order to optimize your experience.

You want to go with a hostel in the city center. I know it will be more expensive, but, at the end of the day, it will be worth it. This is because the more expensive the hostel, the more likely it will be to be filled with girls who are traveling for three weeks rather than six months. Because a girl who is traveling for three weeks is looking for fun and excitement. She only has a couple weeks to hook up with cool, fun guys from all over the world.

A girl who has been traveling for six months has probably already gotten that out of her system and is looking to save money and see particular sites. Also, girls who are traveling for three weeks tend to travel in groups, which is awesome, because it increases your numbers and ability to strike out with a couple of them and still have options.

You can tag along with the group, let them jockey for your attention, and pick the ones you want. This is because it is a place where people will congregate. If so, you can have sex with her on the couch or in the bar bathroom instead. Lastly, make sure you make friends with the people who work at the reception desk and bar. This can help you out if they have a no visitor policy.

Where there are clusters of tourist taking pictures there are sexy girls who are waiting to meet an interesting man. You can be that man. The places to go are the places you heard about before going to that city:. You get the idea. These iconic places are flooded with tons of women who are taking pictures and who are up for new experiences.

When gaming tourists, I would put your primary focus on setting up an instant date. When going with the instant date, be malleable in what you want to do that day. Most girls are adamant about seeing all the sites so they can post them on their Instagram. So when you meet a girl at the Eifel Tower, one of your first questions should be:. Another thing to do is to just walk with her. Make sure you talk with whoever she is with though. Then, depending on the time, suggest getting a meal, a drink, or coffee.

If they are busy and you cannot link up with them for the rest of the day, get their Facebook or Whatsapp. Whatsapp is a texting app that is an absolute must for backpacking game. Be sure to try to hang out as soon as possible. Since you will likely only be there for a few days, you only get a small window of opportunity. However, you might be surprised that girls actually flake a lot less when they are traveling.

Another place to meet loads of tourists is on a walking tour or the tour bus around the city. If you are on a walking tour, pick a girl and walk up to her and introduce yourself. Walk and talk. It helps if you know some basic information about some of the sites on the tour, so a little bit of research can make for a lot faster lay. Deep dive while walking, yet, at the same time, keep it light-hearted.

If she is with a friend, be friendly to both but focus your attention on the girl you want. Once you get to the end of the tour, try to turn it into an instant date. If that is not possible, WhatsApp or Facebook close and try to set up a specific date for later. In , a cool, smooth African American lawyer started a conversation with an Indian woman who was traveling through Europe with her cousin. He corrected her on a historical fact that she told her cousin.

He used that as a segue to start a conversation with her. The next day they got coffee. Two years later they got married. That was the story of how my father met my mother. He sat within talking range of the woman he was interested in; he found a socially appropriate way of starting a conversation; and, once he found out her logistics , he set up a date. Local game will be largely dependent on how long you are in the area. So if you are only in the city for two nights, I would only go for it if I picked her up at a nightclub.

Cities where it is easier to game locals are non-tourist cities. Those will be the cities where you will likely be perceived as way more exotic. In Munich, I met a German girl while waiting in line to get a sandwich. By the time we got close to the front, I pulled her in for a make-out. Mid-way through she tells me she is married.

It was the fact that I was an exotic American who knew my fundamentals and took advantage of the tiny escalation windows in front of me. Now, if you want to get a head start, gaming locals online is actually the best way. Finding girls on CouchSurfing. Another great site is Meetup. If so, find the Paris bike riders club and send messages to all the cute girls in the group saying:.

If you are backpacking in Asia or South America, there are language apps where you can practice speaking a language with the girl over the app. One of them is HelloTalk. Convert the girls you meet on the app to Whatsapp or Line another text app as soon as possible. That way, you will have a way of reaching them if they stop using the app. This is what a friend of mine is doing to have girls ready in both Japan and Korea when he visits later this year.

Now Tinder is a great asset for gaming both locals and tourist. Tinder is pretty self-explanatory, but make sure in your profile that you say you are traveling and where you are from to add to the exotic appeal. Whether you are on a ferry, train, bus, or plane , there will be girls traveling as well. In Europe the trains are open seating in economy, so sit as close to the girls as possible. Also having a card game like UNO can make things interesting while you travel between cities.

On a plane, if you notice some cute girls sitting in a different area, ask for a seat change to be closer to them. It is unlikely that you will be able to join the mile high club but exchange Whatsapp and Facebook, try to rendezvous that night. Falling for someone you meet while traveling is easy — even likely. This did not happen to me the last time I was traveling, but my buddy I was traveling with met a French girl and slept with her in Sweden. She was living in Hamburg at the time and when we got to Berlin she came down to see my friend once again.

Finally, when I went back to London, he went to stay with her in Hamburg for a week. You can meet someone you really bond with and sometimes that can lead to you changing your traveling plans or meeting up with her at a later point. Traveling romances tend to work best with girls who are also traveling. When people travel they are more open to new experiences and to make a connection with someone quicker. So these situations are ideal with girls from your hostel or other touristy places.

It is important not to try and pursue a traveling romance from the beginning. This is because you will end up trying to slow step things. My friends who have had traveling romances all hooked up with the girl within twenty-four hours of meeting her. Time is of the essence. It is likely that she is also traveling with friends. Make sure that her friends like you. The girl will be traveling with these people for the rest of her journey. What they think of you will matter if you guys want to meet again in another city or if she is thinking about changing her travel plans to stay with you longer.

I had a friend who flew to Norway on a whim to be with a girl he met in Amsterdam. I met with them when they both came to London. He flew back to Australia, she flew back to America. They still keep in touch, but they are not uprooting their entire lives to hold onto something that was valuable because of the time and place they were at in their lives. And with that said, it could also be true love. My father met my mother while on a business trip. He wrote her many letters, flew to Kuala Lumpur to meet her family, and they got married a year later and are still together till this day.

What starts out a hookup can grow into something else, so remember always to treat the girl with care. This is the most important concept for backpacker game.

This single man's travel guide reveals everything about dating in Europe. Read more how to date European women and how to get laid in Europe. The girls in most European countries are very open minded. At one point during their hookup, my friend said, "I like your dick. me that the men they've hooked up with abroad, in Europe and elsewhere.

I had to do it. Okay… maybe I heard some stories the morning after too. You hate to hear it, but girls love hooking up with Aussie guys.

Travel Blog.

Last summer I backpacked across Europe with my best friend. This trip took my game to another level.

What do I do about hooking up to the electric at my campsite?

I was once on vacation with a friend in Belgium. One night out, after we had finished our cone of mayonnaise-bathed frites, we ran into a pack of good-looking youths. My friend approached them and asked for a cigarette. Seven beers and 40 strained American Pie references later they loved American Pie and expected we did, too the Ryan Gosling of the group and my friend drove back to the suburbs to have sex, and I brought another cone of frites up to my hotel room. At one point during their hookup, my friend said, "I like your dick.

12 Types Of Guys Girls Hook Up With While Traveling

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What I Learned About Hookup Cultures from Traveling Abroad

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12 Types Of Guys Girls Hook Up With While Traveling

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Guide to Sex and Hooking Up While Traveling Europe

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