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If you are one who has been constantly complaining about the Heroes of the Storm lag, then we might just the fix for you. After spending hours and hours, looking for different workarounds, our technical team is here with the most comprehensive HotS fix guide. Everything ranging from the Hots lag spikes to the infamous windows -specific errors, we have a fix for issues. So, if you wish to put an end to this once in for all, this guide is the thing for it.

Overwatch: Separate MMRs Confirmed for Different Game Modes

Thanks a lot for this post! Very informative and interesting to read. Thank you so much for posting this, because there is only so few details available out there on the Internet even though it's a very interesting problem, and I believe academics could help a lot on this. Reading the algorithmic part made me think a lot about how Genetic Algorithms work - especially the part about swapping people.

It is always interesting to get reminded how problems that look very simple are in fact very complicated to solve. Great write-up, thank you! It seems like you almost reinvented Simulated Annealing. I wonder if the official SA algorithm would perform better. Probably not significantly. Did you try with other metrics beside the average, like RMS, median, or some percentile?

This might give you a bit more control over the extremes the worst matches , if nothing else. I did a quick lookup of what Simulated Annealing is. If I understand that approach correctly, I would instead of looking for the optimal swap, try random swaps and accept worse ones as well, as long as they're not too much worse. Each iteration the requirement of how much worse a swap is allowed to be becomes a bit tighter.

It's an interesting approach, without trying I can't say whether it would yield better results or not. As for having more control over the extremes: Like a premade with players from two continents: But even in less extreme cases, usually if there is an absolutely horrible match, there is no solution that really solves that without just waiting for more players to have more matching options.

Just answer me two questions: Why everyone in game says this matchmaking sucks? Why this can happen? L2,rank ,rating Luna: L3,rank ,rating Caco,L3: Sunday, 16 September The Awesomenauts matchmaking algorithm. Matchmaking is a big topic with lots of challenges, but at its core is a very simple question: A couple of years after releasing Awesomenauts we rebuilt our entire matchmaking systems, releasing the new systems in the Galactron update. Today I'd like to discuss how Galactron chooses who you get to play with.

While the question is simple enough, the answer turns out to be pretty complex. Many different factors influence what's a good match. Should players of similar skill play together? Should players from the same region or language player together? Should we take premades into account? Should we avoid matching players who just played together already? Should we use matchmaking to let griefers play against each other and keep them away from normal folks? If the answer to all of these questions is 'Yes, let's take that into account!

I've previously written about how many players you need for that and the short answer is: That's not realistic except for the very biggest hits, so you'll usually need to do with fewer players and make the best out of your matchmaking. For Awesomenauts we chose to let the matchmaker gather a lot of players and then once every couple of minutes match them all at once. This way the matchmaker has as many players as possible to look for the best possible combinations.

We'd like to match more than people at the same time so that we have plenty of choice. More than that would be even better: However, the more players we wait for, the worse the player experience gets because the waiting times become too long. For example, if we can choose between making a match where the players have equal skill, or one where the ping is low, which do we prefer? And which do we prefer if the difference is more subtle, like we can get slightly more equal skill or slightly better ping?

Where do we draw the line? And how do we balance this against wanting to let premades play against each other? What we need here is some kind of metric so that we can compare match-ups. Somehow all of those matching criteria need to culminate in one score for the entire group. Using that, the computer can look for the best match-up: To calculate a total score we start by calculating the matchmaking score for each match.

We do this be taking a weighted average of a bunch of factors: Equally skilled teams. This is the most obvious factor in matchmaking: Turning this requirement into a number is simple: The bigger the difference, the lower our score. Note that this does require some kind of skill system in your game, like ELO or Trueskill. This also means that beginning players are difficult to match, because you don't know their actual skill until they've played a bit.

Equally skilled players. Even if the two teams are perfectly balanced, the match might not be. For example, if both teams contain two pros and one beginner, then the average skills of the teams are the same, but the match won't be fun. So we use a separate score that ignores teams and simply looks at the skill differences between all players.

In a 6 player match there are 15 combinations of players and we simply average all of those. The bigger the difference, the lower the score. Ideally a group of 3 friends who coordinate together should play against a similar group and not against three individual players who don't know each other. Assigning a score to this is simple: Ping with enemies. For each player we check the ping with all 3 players in the enemy team.

The higher the ping, the lower the score. There are 9 combinations of players this way and we simply average those 9 scores to get the total ping score for this match. Opponent variation. This is a subtle one that we added a while after launching Galactron. Since our matchmaker basically looks for players of similar skill with a good connection to each other, it tends to repeatedly put the same players against each other.

We expected this to be rare enough that it would be fun when it would happen, but in practice our players encountered the same people too often. To counter this we give a match a lower score if players encountered each other in the previous match as well. If they encountered each other as opponents but are now teammates or vice-versa we give that a slightly better score than if they meet each other in the same situation opponents before, opponents now; or teammates before, teammates now.

This gives the matchmaker a slight tendency to swap teams around if despite this rule it ends up making another match with the same players. This rule has a very low weight since we value the other rules more, but still this rule improved the situation significantly and we got much fewer complaints from players about this. Two possible servers. Since Awesomenauts is peer-to-peer, each match should have a player who can connect with everyone in the match, so that this player can be the server.

Ideally there is also a second player in the match who can connect with everyone. This way if the first server-player drops out of the match, host migration can happen and the match can continue for the remaining players. This rule is only needed for peer-to-peer games: There's one important factor missing here: Why is this not taken into account?

The reason for this is that for every factor we add, the others become a little bit less important. In Awesomenauts a bad connection with your teammates is usually not a big problem because you never need to dodge their bullets. A bad connection with an opponent is much worse, because dodging becomes really difficult if the ping is too high. By ignoring the ping with teammates, we make the ping with opponents a lot more important. Something to think about when calculating scores is whether we want them to be linear.

For example, is a ping improvement from ms to ms as worthwhile as one from ms to ms? Both are 10ms improvements, but the latter is relatively twice as big. In Awesomenauts we've indeed tweaked our scoring formulas to better match the perceived difference instead of the absolute difference. Another consideration is limiting the range of the scores. For example, in Awesomenauts the highest ranked players have a skill of over 20,, but only 0. In other words: So before calculating the skill scores we cap them to workable ranges.

This way the matchmaker will consider a match-up between two players with skill 18, to be as good as one between an 18, player and a 20, player. Ideally you don't cap anything, but since we have to balance between all the different matchmaking goals capping at some points will make other ranges and aspects more important. To get this 1 score we take the average of all the scores.

Well the players keep asking for “better matchmaking”. Blizzard IMO: Queue times in QM were already way too long before this. Screw the. Sure the queue time are long and it's a bit annoying, but imo it's Also a suggestion I saw would be a toggle to notify the matchmaker that you.

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The Heroes of the Storm subreddit periodically complains about all sorts of issues related to matchmaking or the game client, fundamental systems that run Heroes of the Storm. The issues Balance issues The Heroes of the Storm subreddit periodically complains heavily about the state of balance in the game. Complicating this desire for metagame diversity is a desire for skill-testing gameplay that is fun and engaging. To cite a Magic: The Gathering example, back in late and early , there existed an overwhelmingly powerful deck named Caw-Blade Squadron Hawk.

Blizzard apologise for Heroes of the Storm’s ranked matchmaking problems with free stuff

The problem: For example, today alone I have played 6 games. I waited on about minutes to get into each game, each game was so lopsided that it was decided or completely over within the first 8 minutes. I spent more time waiting to get into a crappy game, than actually playing. But it is completely unacceptable for me to wait for more time than to actually play. Again, my complaint is the wait time, this is quick match, I just want to play. I, however, am NOT going to wait for more time than I am going to play. HotS has been going the wrong direction for a long time.

With season 8 of competitive play in Overwatch kicking off in January, the developers will be tweaking elements of its Skill Rating system — particularly in high-end play. First up, the developers will be narrowing the gap in Skill Rating between players who can be placed in a match together.

The start of the latest ranked season for Heroes of the Storm saw a number of issues crop up regarding matchmaking and player rankings. Hotfixes came soon after, but these created their own issues which Blizzard are now apologising for.

Quick Match

Last December, we rolled out phase one of our improvements for matchmaking , which featured an entirely new matchmaker built specifically to suit Heroes of the Storm. Take a look at stats from before the new matchmaker went live, and after:. Along with the rebuilt matchmaker, we also decreased the likelihood that inexperienced players will be matched up against those with a lot of games, and game knowledge, under their belts. Prior to phase one, about games out of every 10, pit new players against veterans. After phase one, this has dropped to roughly 5 games in 10, —which we feel is a significant reduction. Our December 15 patch brought a new rule to Quick Match that prevents teams with one or more Warriors in their compositions from matching against teams without one. Full parties were playing against solo players a little too often prior to our first phase of matchmaking improvements. After rolling out phase one of matchmaking changes, we heard feedback that playing against parties as a group of solos was still a source of frustration for some players and, after investigation, implemented a new rule that greatly reduced the chance that this could occur. Our most recent release brought a new rule for Hero League matchmaking , which greatly reduces the likelihood that Rank 1 players will be matched with or against others below Rank 4. This change also resolved an edge-case scenario, in which players with extremely high skill ratings could occasionally be matched with or against one or more low-ranked players. Read our recent forum post on this topic for additional details and exceptions to this restriction.

How To Fix Heroes Of The Storm Lag

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Blizzard apologise for Heroes of the Storm’s ranked matchmaking problems with free stuff

Thanks a lot for this post! Very informative and interesting to read. Thank you so much for posting this, because there is only so few details available out there on the Internet even though it's a very interesting problem, and I believe academics could help a lot on this. Reading the algorithmic part made me think a lot about how Genetic Algorithms work - especially the part about swapping people. It is always interesting to get reminded how problems that look very simple are in fact very complicated to solve. Great write-up, thank you!

Matchmaking and You: A guide to better complaints

January Before the recent update I was able to find a match within just seconds of searching on PC multiplayer. But now I have to wait almost minutes to find a match. I am not sure whether it is because of the new patch or players leaving but I hope it can be fixed out soon. I am not even sure how many players are on and which server I'm playing cuz there is no way to see in-game.

By Zadina , February 17, in News. Spyrian made a blog post on the official forums regarding matchmaking in Heroes of the Storm and its present state. Matchmaking improvements have been a work in progress for the Heroes of the Storm dev team since last December. Most recently, we saw improvements in matchmaking for Rank 1 players. Spyrian posted an article regarding the current state of matchmaking.

Quick Match is a gameplay mode of Heroes of the Storm. This mode sets two teams of five human-controlled heroes against each other on one random battleground in Player-Versus-Player style combat. In Quick Match you select the hero you want ahead of time and are guaranteed to play that hero. Both teams might have the same hero e. These teams are selected based on the player's past performance a somewhat hidden statistic not available in-game to create a level playing field, as well as the roles of heroes chosen. For example, if a player queues without other party members as a Support, they are extremely unlikely to be matched with four other Support teammates.

Upcoming Matchmaking, Ranked and Balance changes!! // Heroes of the Storm
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